Meet The Team

Therese Clifford (Director)

Therese Clifford has made a career out of daring to open doors.

Therese has spent more than thirty years working throughout Australia and beyond as an actor, dancer, choreographer, director, producer, talent judge, agent, manager, educator and entrepreneur.

Her biggest production was in 1995 with the birth of her beautiful daughter. This added a whole new dimension to her skills - parenting. With her daughter clearly following in her path, it was also the birth of learning to navigate someone else’s career in the industry.

With her daughter's successful career as a performer in Australia, they moved to America in 2011. And in 2012 Therese expanded TCM internationally and launched the Management division in Los Angeles, California.

 Along the way, Therese recognised a gap in the industry and a need for other performers to receive assistance in navigating their careers, and so with first hand knowledge through her daughters journey, arose the business of talent consulting.

Therese has an immense passion for mentoring and now specialises in kick-starting careers. She does this by ensuring first, that they are in touch with their true authentic self as she works with them from the inside out.

Therese has inspired others as a speaker, and has a unique way of empowering others by injecting her contagious positive energy and belief, that anything is possible.

As a performer, Therese played prominent roles in Stepping Out, Lipstick Dreams, Conversations With A Golliwog, Oklahoma and many other productions in Australia, as well as in New York, Japan, Hong Kong and the Caribbean.

She successfully auditioned for the Lee Strasburg Institute and the New York Dance Company. On television, Therese appeared on the popular TV shows, Water Rats and Comedy, Inc. and created and produced the pilot for the children’s show, The Popsicles.

She founded her own school of performing arts, TCP, which quickly became one of the largest performing arts schools on the North Coast.

In 2010, Therese founded Therese Clifford Management, a talent agency with international reach.

No matter what direction or venture on hand, Therese has demonstrated that passion, creativity and a lifelong commitment to authentic artistic expression are the keys that can open any door.


Ben has been involved in the Performing Arts industry from a very young age. Participating in Bands & Musicals throughout his schooling years, Ben continued his studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music participating in numerous shows and performances on the professional circuit around Sydney in the late 90’s.

Following a successful professional career performing, Ben founded a company called Teaching Services Australia (TSA) who is now the leading School Band provider to schools in Sydney for bands and performing arts.

Along with TSA, Ben is now involved with the education and development of young musicians, dancers and actors. He also has associated retail outlets to cater for these students and the supply of instruments & material for students & professional musicians.

With a strong business background, Ben identified that the amalgamation with a leading Talent Agency would be advantageous and complement the existing business structure and drive that is so successful.

TCM Agency was the perfect fit. After months of meetings, brainstorming and research, in 2015 Ben & Therese joined forces to create an agency that would provide an elite service to its clients and continue the impeccable reputation & valuable connections Therese had built over the years.

Ben is a passionate believer in nurturing true talent. His generous donations to numerous organisations involved with performing and education has been a big part of his success in business.



Benjamin “red” Byrne is unequivocally the new-comer to TCM Agency. With an aptitude for talent scouting and management - red was the natural fit to oversee the handling of in-house talent as TCM began to expand in late 2015.

Holding a degree in Arts Industries & Management from Macquarie University in Sydney, red is a committed, well-organised professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in Artistry Management, Agency Development, Talent Scouting & Recruitment. Red is no stranger to the entertainment industries having been involved in several capacities over the years.

In this way, red brings a wealth of knowledge both practically and theoretically to the systems and structures that TCM implements in it’s management of talent, as well as it’s networking strategies.

Priding himself on his ability to develop strong relationships with Casting Directors, Producers and Talent alike, red’s natural charm and affinity for connecting the right people is his most vital skill of all. 

The nickname “red” arose out of a desperate desire for organisational clarity. I mean - we can’t have two Ben’s around here right? 

See my photo -

Call me red.