When it comes to talent everyone is an individual and has something special to offer. The most important part, is knowing what to do with it and how to make the most of, enhance and develop your gift to it's maximum potential!

TCM will guide you on your journey and help you develop the tools to be the best performer you can be.

Whether you're new to the industry or had years of experience, we can help tailor your needs to ensure you are receiving the best services and taking the appropriate steps to achieving your goals.

We will put you in touch with industry professionals, fine tune your craft, build your strengths and weaknesses and prepare you top to toe...inside and out.

TCM is more than an agency... We are a business that genuinely cares about your choices and we want you to succeed.

Here are some links to workshop and professional development providers that TCM would recommend and have previously worked closely with:

AMAW - Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

Actors Centre Australia

The Sydney Drama School